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The Offensive Lineman - Blocking Strategies

Offensive Lineman

Offensive linemen push, or block, defenders to help other offensive players move the ball. They protect the quarterback so he has as much time as possible to get the ball to a teammate, and try to make room for the ball carriers to run.

Defensive Traps

The entire offensive line works together to block the defense from gaining possession of the ball. So just how do they do it? The offensive line uses different blocking strategies, or plans to stop the defense. Here are just a few ways these blocking strategies work:

Trap Block

This is used on a sweep to get the guard to run outside to clear a running path for a running back carrying the ball. The guard who does this is sometimes called the pulling guard.

Reach Block

An offensive lineman reaches to hit the player in front of another lineman, rather than the one directly in front of him. This is usually used for running plays.

Cutoff Block

An offensive lineman gets in the way of a defensive player and cuts him off. This strategy is also used for running plays.

Quick Tip

The neutral zone is the area between the offensive and defensive lines, and is as long as the ball. Only the center is allowed to enter the zone until the ball is snapped.